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Shotover F1


Looking for flexibility

6 axis /
Top shot /
360° unlimited /
Digital cinema & Live / 

The Shotover F1 combines all benefits and performance of the Shotover K1 in a lighter and more compact architecture. Extremely functional, it can be used on any type of moving platform (helicopter, Cablecam®, dolly track, camera car etc.), for your digital cinema projects or live events. This gimbal can be used in very harsh environments and extreme conditions: we have had it work under the wing of a plane at 200kts. Faster to install, it fits nearly 175 interchangeable camera/lens combinations. This gyro-stabilization system is ITAR free and can be easily shipped to your filming location, as an excess baggage on commercial flights or by air freight, worldwide.

Our media of use
Main characteristics:
  • High performance gyro-stabilization on 6 axis
  • Unlimited 360° pan, straight look down capability - tilt from 60° to -140°
  • Over 175 camera/lens combinations, digital cinema or live
  • Extremely compact and functional, quick installation on any type of support
  • Perfectly stable on very long focal lenses
  • Transportable worldwide on commercial flights (under 32kg boxes)
  • Available accessories: rain deflector, remote controlled rotating polarizer, wireless link

Download Shotover F1 datasheet – Technical specifications & detail


Example of digital cinema package:
  • Alexa Mini/Red series & Angénieux 25-250 or Fujinon 25-300


Examples of live packages:
  • Sony HDC P1 & Canon 14x or Fujinon 42x
  • Sony P43 & Fujinon 42x


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