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Shotover M1



6 axis / 
Top shot / 
360° continuous / 
Lightweight / 
Digital cinema and live / 

The Shotover M1 is the most compact and lightest 6 axis gyro-stabilized head on the market. Even with its slimmed-down dimensions, it lacks none of the stabilizing capabilities of the Shotover F1 or K1. Its conception is based on a complete re-design, exploiting the latest advances in this domain. In spite of its small size, a wide range of cameras and lenses can be fitted, both for broadcast and cinema. The small size and light weight are an advantage both in terms of transportation and for the work for which it is designed: more efficient flying time in helicopter, meaning that the rig can now be installed in situations where weight and stress demands may once have precluded it. The camera package can be installed in the workshop and the system shipped ready to shoot, meaning less installation time on site. The design and lightness of this system mean that it can be installed on many different sorts of platform.

Main characteristics:
  • High performance six axis gyro-stabilization
  • Extremely compact and lightweight: 25kg including camera and lens
  • 360° pan, vertical look-down (tilt goes through to -110°)
  • Fibre-optic video signal 3 x 3Ghz-SDI
  • Transportable world-wide, 3 cases each less than 32kg
  • Various accessories available: rainspinner, wireless control…

Download the Shotover M1 datasheet – Technical specifications & details


Digital cinema package example:
  • Red Weapon Monstro + Fujinon Cabrio 19-90


Broadcast package example:
  • Sony HDC-P50 + Fujinon UA14x4.5 BERD



King kong vs Godzilla

King kong vs Godzilla
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