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Multi Camera Array


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Designed specifically for the VFX department, the multi-camera arrays (Hydra or Trident) combine the top-end performance of the Shotover K1 with an installation of multiple cameras. This innovative concept gives an extremely wide field of view at a remarkable resolution. This allows re-framing anywhere within this massive frame.

A Multi Cameras Array allows for multiple plates to be filmed in one pass, with the cameras permanently locked relative to each other.

Equally, it can free-up green-screen shoots; thanks to its six cameras, all locked to each other, a hemisphere can be created in which an imaginary camera can be then moved in three dimensions.

AERING can propose two variants: the Hydra (6 cameras) and the Trident (3 cameras). The first solution comes ready to shoot with cameras and lenses, all you have to do is to decide what to film. The Trident shines because of its flexibility, it can take the three leading models of camera on the market, along with a choice of lenses.

Our media of use:
Main characteristics:
  • 6 axis gyro-stabilization, easy vertical look-down
  • Perfect Horizon (GPS), manual or automatic
  • Facilitates VFX and postproduction
  • Reduces the shoot time for plates
  • Turnkey solution with the Hydra
  • Custom solution with the Trident


AERING is partner of TEAM 5

Download the Multi Cameras Array datasheet – Technical specifications & details


Digital cinema packages examples:
  • Hydra: turnkey solution with 6 Red Epic Dragon & 6 Canon serie L 24mm lenses
  • Trident: package of 3 Alexa mini & 3 Canon Série L 20mm lenses



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Extraction 2
Filming location
Republic Czech & Austria
Système(s) utilisé(s)

Sam Hargave



Filming location
Spain & Slovakia
Système(s) utilisé(s)

Russo Brothers, Brian Kirk

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