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Dual Lens


Tight and wide, simultaneously

6 axis /
Top Shot /
2 cameras /
2 lenses /
1 operator / 

The dual lens combines the Shotover K1’s advanced performance and two parallel cameras, giving two sizes of shots at the same time. Several months of internal development led to a system which allows to switch instantly between wide shot and close-up, with a perfect axial cut, controlled by a single operator. We offer an original live solution with a full package of two cameras (Sony HDC P1) and broadcast lenses (14x & 40x): a unique platform, one single gyro-stabilized head, a single operator and two dynamic images with incredible stability.  A dual downlink can provide live feeds of both cameras at the same time.  Other configurations are possible (for example: digital cinema cameras), please contact us in order to study your needs.

Our media of use
Main characteristics:
  • Gyro-stabilization 6 axes, with straight look down capability
  • Perfect horizon (GPS), manual or automatic
  • Two size of shots at the same time, axial cut
  • Two cameras controlled by a single operator
  • Turnkey solution
  • Transportable worldwide on commercial flights (under 32kg boxes)

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