Lights on the Shotover K1 !

Lights on the Shotover K1, the most powerful gyro-stabilization system on the market !
We recently shot in Spain with the Alexa Mini LF. The versatility of our Shotover K1 allowed this camera equipped with the well-known Angénieux Optimo 28-340mm to be easily installed on the nose of a helicopter, in order to shoot closest shots for chasing cars and open areas for beauty of the landscape, without any lens modification.

ShotoverK1 tournage film


Choosing Shotover K1 is choosing/betting on flexibility. We usually with the Arri Alexa, RED or the Sony F55 in any format from 4K, 6K or 8K. The whole range of Arri Alexa cameras can be fitted easily - from the 65mm camera down to the Alexa Mini body.

Typically we use Angenieux or FujiFilm lenses, either Sperical or Anamorpic, and most productions like us to film with the 28-340mm Optimo zoom or similar. Recently we shot a major French film with the 40-440 Anamorphic. One of the greatest advantages of our Shotover K1 are the included extras that make filming so much simpler. The system has a motorised pola filter with a built in remote control.It is also equipped with a rain spinner when the weather is not so good.

 ShotoverK1 tournage film (1).png
 ShotoverK1 tournage film (2).png

Classic Setup

Here is the setup that has become a basic on the Shotover F1: Alexa Mini with the Angenieux 25 -250 Optimo Style. Its ability to change NDs filters while flying, and its versatile optics offer our customers the best solution, that is both very convenient and with better quality

ShotoverK1 tournage film (3)