AERING expands its field of action and now offers an aerial photography solution with a gyro-stabilized head installed on a DAHER business aircraft for image exploiters up to 210 kts (380 km/h). This assembly makes it possible to work on a speed range between 125 kts and 210 kts (Limitation in helicopter at 230 km/h).

Aerial shooting at more than 230 km/h with Airborne

The aircraft is certified to fly in Europe under these working conditions. Thanks to its wide speed range, it can work around a business aircraft as well as an airliner (i.e. our service on the launch of the Air France Boeing 787).

This device is based on the flexibility of the SHOTOVER F1 and its rigidity which have proven themselves for more than 5 years now (helicopter).

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Camera pack for the film : Compact RED or ALEXA Mini & Long lens (1) Fuji -30/300 or (2) Angenieux - 25 / 250mm
Broadcast Pack : SonyP50 & Fuji 46x (4K orHD)

Several advantages are compiled on this offer

  • Flight autonomy of the aircraft
  • Equipment in the cabin for set-up flights
  • Reduced radius of action for filming in Europe or internationally (600 km/h at cruising speed and join the filming from its base in France)
  • A place on board for the customer to drive and follow the production of the pictures
  • Camera operator's post pre-installed in the cabin, etc.
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This solution can be combined with the expertise of Eric Magnan and his team (Airborne Films) to produce these aerial images. The aerial coordination and the implementation of a dynamic to successfully produce beautiful images at more than 300 km/h deserve an in-depth work upstream. Airborne Films can bring its know-how to direct and produce these pictures.