In the world of cinematography, directors, cinematographers, and industry professionals are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture exceptionally high-quality images while maintaining perfect stability. This is where the Shotover F1 comes into play, a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized how filmmakers approach aerial shots.



The Shotover F1 offers unparalleled precision while allowing a wide variety of shooting angles. Thanks to this advanced stabilization, the Shotover F1 enables filmmakers to capture exceptionally sharp images, even during abrupt movements or high-speed actions. Whether for thrilling action sequences, breathtaking aerial shots, or cinematic scenes demanding perfect stability, the F1 is the ideal tool to push the boundaries of creativity.



One of the most impressive features of the Shotover F1 is its versatility. The F1 is compatible with a wide range of cameras, meaning industry professionals can use their preferred equipment in conjunction with this revolutionary stabilization system. This adaptability allows filmmakers to explore new creative horizons and capture unique and memorable images.

During this shoot, the choice was made for the Sony VENICE 2, as it offers excellent image quality with high resolution (8.6K), a wide dynamic range, and minimal distortion. In terms of optics, various focal lengths were used depending on the scenes and environments. Focal lengths ranged from 15mm to 300mm. The Zeiss 15-30mm T2.9 and Angenieux 19.5-94mm T2.6 were the preferred lenses for capturing wide-angle scenes, while the Canon 30-300mm T2.95-3.7 and Fujinon Premista 80-250mm T2.9-3.5 were used to get closer to the subject in other scenes.




The Shotover F1 embodies the perfect union of cutting-edge technology and cinematographic creativity. By redefining stabilization and offering unparalleled versatility, it has become the preferred tool for filmmakers worldwide to achieve superior quality aerial shots.